KM FastPay FAQ


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding the FastPay program.

Please see the PDF on Secure Messaging. If you are still having trouble with the secure message, please contact the Bank of America help desk at 866-765-0732 (United States of America ) 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Friday Eastern Time, 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday – Thursday Eastern Time. For Canada, please call 001-866-765-0732. For other countries and languages please find contact information online at
Vendors can process each unique credit card number a maximum number of 3 attempts. After the third attempt, the transaction will be locked. If there are problems processing, contact FastPay for further details and to trouble-shoot before the payment is locked. Once the payment is locked, you will need to contact the FastPay hotline to open the payment. Hotline number: 713-369-9799.
You will need to contact the KM FastPay team and obtain the FastPay account information for that specific invoice. As part of the process, when the remittance advice is sent to you, a copy will be sent to Kinder Morgan as a reference. The FastPay team can be reached via e-mail at or the Hotline number: 713-369-9799.
No. However, depending on the vendor, the remittance e-mail could be set-up with a Kinder Morgan e-mail address and faxed to the vendor.
No. Kinder Morgan can call, fax (see previous question) or enter the information online if you are not set up for e-mail.
You will need to contact the KM FastPay team and confirm the information being entered is correct. Please contact the Program Administrator for Kinder Morgan by e-mail at or 713-369-9799.
This is a security feature design of the program that helps prevent fraudulent transactions.
There is no additional charge for participating in the Kinder Morgan FastPay program. You will simply incur the same charges you would normally have for processing a credit card payment.
You should shop around for a processor. The merchant setup process is fast and simple. Your bank may be able to provide these services.

Another option is to obtain a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), such as U.S. Transactions Corp. Kinder Morgan regularly works with this MSP and they have provided great services for many of our vendors. Almost 100% of the time they will be able to provide you with a better rate than your bank can offer. Please call the number below or send an e-mail and the U.S. Transactions Corp team will be happy to help you get set up to accept credit card payments for not only Kinder Morgan transactions, but all of your customers.

U. S. Transactions Corp

(866) 578-2627         Email US Transactions Corp

Scott McHenry, Michael O'Brien, or Marsh McHenry will be happy to help set you up for credit card payment.
VISA is Kinder Morgan’s preferred method of payment. Although the Kinder Morgan FastPay Program is currently optional, Kinder Morgan has made a commitment to and an investment in the conversion of as many as possible of our U.S. vendors from manual check payments to electronic payments, through our FastPay program.

We are reducing the number of checks issued which will address safety concerns, check fraud, and cost. The program also decreases the time it takes for us to pay our vendors. Many vendors are comfortable with this process and are finding it much easier than processing a check. In the future, our goal is align ourselves with vendors who accept the credit card as a form of payment to create a win-win partnership.
Complete the information in the Contact Us page or call the Hotline at 713-369-9799.