KM FastPay Third Party Services

If your business is not set up to accept credit card payment or your rates are too high, contact your bank or a Merchant Service Provider like U.S. Transactions Corp. who can help you get set up.


As part of your enrollment in the Kinder Morgan FastPay Program, you will receive a Web-based credit card processing solution at no cost for activation.

U.S. Transactions Corporation, a leading merchant service provider, has assisted many Kinder Morgan suppliers to:

  • Lower processing costs
  • Utilize PCI Compliant 3rd party payment solutions
  • Save time with automatic credit card processing & acceptance

No Equipment, No IT Costs

  • Eliminates credit card terminals
  • No phone line needed
  • No IT support

Ease and Convenience

  • Process credit card transactions from any PC or laptop
  • No restrictions for cards without CVV code or address verification

Mobile Solution

  • Mobile processing via iPhone or iPad

Contact the U.S. Transactions Corp team:

Scott McHenry, Marsh McHenry, Michael Obrien, or Wade Tetsuka, CPA

Email or Phone: (866) 578-2627